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At Koruna Creative, we understand that every business requires a reliable consistent engaging design in order to grow and scale and that’s what we stand for. Koruna Creative will be with you every step in your pursuit of brand awareness. Right from coming on board till helping you plan out the best possible marketing solution for your business.

Team Of Experts

Our business is built on real world expertise. After scaling multiple 7 figure businesses, we know what works and what doesn’t. Learn from our experience to help you achieve your goals.

3500+ Projects completed

We love new projects and nothing is too challenging for us! Our team is proud to have completed over 3,500 projects and we are working towards 10,000 completed projects

Business Growth Experts

We believe there is more to design than looking nice. Good strategic design can help you better educate your clients, separate yourself from your competition and win more business!


Take your time to meet our amazing team and learn more about us!


Jackson, also known as The Wealth Mentor, has spent the last 10 years shaking up the wealth industry. He has been a real wealth coach and strategic adviser to 1,000 professionals and business owners and help them to build over $1 Billion in wealth.
Jackson helps his clients unpack their intellectual property and design simple strategies to reach their business goals.


Petra saw the opportunity for businesses to do more for their clients. She developed her proprietary methodology called “Koruna Assist.” This gave her the opportunity to work with a leading financial services franchise. And helped them scale their branch to number 1 rank in the country along with winning over 6 national awards and achieving over 400% growth over 3 years.


Sam devoted his career to mastering the art of systemizing businesses to achieve the optimum outcome. He oversees Koruna Creative’s operations and helps clients map out their workflow. Sam also brings real world investment experience to the group, having begun investing in real estate and equities at the age of 18, as well as having worked as an odds arbitrager and financial derivatives dealer. Sam is on a mission to simplify the world of money and ensure that others achieve their own vision of financial freedom.


With over 8 years of experience across marketing functions, Mo has helped clients attract their ideal customer using high impact marketing tools. He works closely with his creative team and guides them to the right path to make every marketing campaign a success. He specializes in helping business owners attract more ideal clients, articulate their value, increase their conversions and retain their clients using their sales and marketing collateral.
He is with you every step of the way, right from coming on board until helping you understand the best possible solution for the business objective will be a seamless process.